Pneumonia Community Acquired


CURB-65 score


Urea >7

Respiratory Rate >30

SBP <90mmHg or

DBP <60mmHg

Age >65


Community Acquired Pneumonia Management Options


Clinical features severe pneumonia



Investigations needed

Resp. rate > 30/min
Diastolic BP < 60mmHg
Underlying disease
Age > 60 years
Multilobar involvement

Urea > 7mmol/L
pO2 < 9kPa
WBC < 4.0
WBC > 20.0

Blood cultures
sputum culture
Clotted blood for viral / atypical serology
Urine for legionella antigen

Treatment and management

Please follow HSE-S antibiotic guidelines

Switch from parenteral drug to the equivalent oral preparation should be made as soon as clinically appropriate.

Red flags and pitfalls


Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 21/12/2004 Based on BTS Guidelines Management of Community Acquired Pneumonia 2004. Additional material and CUH Respiratory Protocols (Beware LARGE file download) supplied by Dr Mike Henry 12/11/2007. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 26/06/2009. Last reviewDr. ÍOS 30/08/12.